Bat Conservation Africa (BCA) is pleased to announce a call for nominations/applications to attend a skills training workshop post-IBRC between 5 – 11 August, 2016 in Durban, South Africa. The workshop is targeted at graduate students who are interested in conducting a bat research/conservation project but lack the requisite skills to do so. The workshop is funded by the Rufford Foundation and Bat Conservation International (BCI), with logistical support from the Harrison Institute.

The workshop will be taught through lectures and field demonstrations (bat capturing and echolocation recording). Areas to be covered during lecture sessions include: bat evolution and sensory ecology, ecosystem services, taxonomy, bat conservation education project and research design. In addition, the workshop sponsors The Rufford Foundation and Bat Conservation International (BCI), will talk to students about how to write winning grant proposals for both organisations.

Field demonstrations will cover:

  • Bat capturing in mistnets and harp traps.
  • Bat handling and routine data collection.
  • Bat echolocation recording and analysis.
Students will receive support to design a project in line with their interest.
See poster here.